PTWLL is a 100% Volunteer Organization

Par-Troy West Little League is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization. We rely on help from the Board of Directors and the families of the league to keep the organization strong.

How can you help?
  • Join the Board of Directors!
  • Volunteer to Manager or Coach a team!
  • Share your suggestions!

All families with one or more child registered to play in PTWLL's Spring season are required to fulfill their family work bond by having one parent or guardian complete the following:

  • Be an official, approved manager or coach
  • Work 3 or more hours at field clean-up day in the Spring
  • Work one, 3-hour shift in the PTWLL refreshment stand.
  • Volunteer for Field Maintenance
  • Volunteer to help in any capacity needed.

2022 Executive Board


Official Title


Frank Neglia President

  • Corporate Sponsors

Director, Junior/Senior League

Darren Dragone VP Baseball & Administration  dependablemortgage11@gmail.com
Jerry Vecchia VP Softball

  • Director, Equipment & Uniforms
Marc Davis League Treasurer

  • Fund Drive Coordinator
  • Asst. Secretary
  • Equipment and Uniforms
Sandra Neglia Player Agent

  • Administrator, Sponsors & Trophies
  • Scheduler, Umpires
  • Administrator, Clinics
Joelle Rosetti League Secretary & Information Officer

  • Webmaster - PTWLL website
  • Manager, Social Media
  • Pictures/scheduling, etc.
Elena Fletcher Safety Officer

  • Equipment and Uniforms
  • Ref. StandSoftball, Assistant to VP

2022 Board Members



Official Title


Shirley Crane Director, T-Ball & Farm League Baseball- Equipment & Uniforms dogsillysuites@gmail.com
Greg Vico Director, Minor League Baseball

Director, Field Maintenance

Rich Japko Director, Major League Baseball/

Scheduler, Batting Cages

Dave Hutchinson Softball, Assistant to VP hutchjd12@yahoo.com 
Jessica Becker Refreshment Stand Coordinator Snoopychick78@yahoo.com
Nicholas Neglia Refreshment Stand Coordinator nickneglia7@gmail.com
Brant Brisson League Assistant bbrisson@gmail.com
Nick Napolitano Complex Assistant/ Field Maintenance Nicknaps2@yahoo.com
Scott Stoveken Complex Assistant/ Field Maintenance scottystoves@gmail.com
Carmine Verducci Head Umpire/Umpire Trainer ckverducci@yahoo.com
Casey Palermo Refreshment Stand/Uniforms & Equipment

Special Events

Joe Rosetti Complex Assistant/ Field Maintenance/ joro1183@yahoo.com
Complex Assistant/ Field Maintenance/Refreshment Stand Assistant

Non-Board Member Volunteer (Field Maintenance): Paul Breslauer