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Little League believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities.

What will your child gain

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Stay Healthy

From swinging a bat to throwing a ball to running around the bases, your child will be in motion all the time while playing baseball. This will get their heart rate going and help them build up their endurance. It will also help their muscles get stronger and make them more flexible.


Work as a Team

Baseball is a sport that requires teamwork during each and every inning. You need to be able to rely on others to do their job out on the field, and you also need to make sure you’re reliable and your teammates can trust you to do your job.

From the moment your child starts playing baseball, their coach will preach about the values of teamwork and show your kid why teamwork is such a beneficial part of the game.


Make friends

There are many kids who make lifelong friends by playing youth baseball for even just a few years. When your child plays baseball, he or she will need to communicate with others on and off the field. This will help them form strong bonds and will, in all likelihood, translate to them making good friends.

About us

Par-Troy West Little League (“PTWLL”) is a non-profit IRS 501.C.3 organization, established in 1952. The league is run by a Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers.

The Par-Troy West Little League program includes divisions for all children, ages 4–16. In addition to practicing on-field fundamentals and the excitement of playing games in a competitive environment, Par-Troy West pridefully enlists the sport to strengthen its participants’ self-esteem and confidence.

2022 Morris County Challenger Little League: Pictures from the Day

May 2, 2022

2022 Morris County Challenger Little League: Pictures from the Day

Parsippany Focus: Field of Dreams: Let the Challenger Games Begin

May 2, 2022

By Patrick Minutillo  – May 2, 2022 PARSIPPANY — The first day of May was welcomed in with beautiful weather, and the kickoff to this year’s Morris County Challenger Little League, a baseball league established for disabled children. It was nice to see the excitement on the faces of so many special needs athletes (Challengers) as…

2022 PTWLL Season Program Download

April 29, 2022

Did you get a chance to pick up the 2022 PTWLL Season Program Download at our Opening Ceremony last night? If not, no worries, and here’s a PDF version. Click here to download PDF

Par-Troy West Little League Opening Night Smiles

April 28, 2022

Play Ball Here are some smiles from the Par-Troy West Little League Opening Night that happened this past Wednesday, April 27, 2022.  The temps may have made it feel like it was the last game of the World Series, though everyone’s spirit was high and excited to kick off the 2022 Little League season…  …

Parsippany Focus Article | BATTER UP! Par-Troy West Little League Kicks Off Season

April 28, 2022

By Patrick Minutillo  – Apr 28, 2022 Excerpt from the Parsippany Focus: PARSIPPANY — It was a little blustery, and a bit chilly, for late April, but that did not detract in the slightest from the anxiously, and long-awaited, anticipated start of the Baseball/Softball season for Par-Try West Little League. You could feel the excitement…

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